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Our goal is to create meaningful and impactful products and experiences that resonate with users. We are a multi-disciplinary team from various backgrounds, driven by a unified passion for solving complex (visual + user) interaction and experience -related challenges. We craft unique experiences through intensive research, collaborative brainstorming and iterative processes. By blending creativity with technical expertise, we deliver beautiful and seamless products and experiences that engage and maybe even delight some users.


GE Healthcare Command Center

01 / Command Center

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare Command Center is a mission control system which processes real-time data from multiple sources across the hospital (system) and visualizes the information and corresponding alerts for staff in the Command Center to act upon. Ensue LLC has actively participated in the design and development of User Interface(UI) & User Experience(UX) of the platform since the early phase of the product.

Earthscout web + mobile app screenshot preview

02 / EarthScout

Industrial Smart

EarthScout® iOT platform helps science-minded growers succeed and advance their competitive edge with the smart use of technology. As a technology partner to Industrial Smart - Ensue has designed, developed and iterated practical and flexible solutions to help farmers Grow Smarter™ today, while always evolving to better serve their needs in the future.

Learn Your Worklife web + mobile app screenshot preview

03 / LearnYour Benefits

LearnYour Worklife

Multi-featured employee benefits communications solution that delivers an on-demand, video-focused experience that helps employees understand and navigate your benefits, yet remains insightful, and effortless to customize.

mySCP Coverage screenshot preview

04 / mySCP Coverage

SCP Health

mySCP Coverage helps 300+ hospitals that are served by SCP Health to optimize ED provider staffing. Staffing plans are typically made 60-90 days in advance. If understaffed vs actual demand, wait times and overcrowding will negatively impact patient satisfaction and overworked staff will be stressed and struggle to perform. Conversely, overstaffing vs actual demand can have huge financial implications and can lead to provider dis-satisfaction. AI algorithms, simulation and visual management (UX) guide users to make scheduling decisions in this purpose-built platform.