Frontend/UI Developer

Ensue LLC

On Location  – Fulltime Position

We are looking for highly-capable individuals that can solve technical problems in the Angular Framework (5+). These individuals can deconstruct problems on the fly and have a keen interest in learning and growing quickly.


  • Work with other team members to design, code and integrate web interfaces for SaaS and other proprietary solution platforms
  • Design and Code Frontend Interfaces and Components
  • Frontend UI Integration with Angular framework
  • Extensive Testing and fixing UI defects in various browsers and platforms


    • Experience developing front-end MV* frameworks (Angular – must have, Vue, React etc.)
    • Strong understanding of RESTful API concept
    • Understanding of various development methodologies including Traditional Waterfall and iterative Development Methods
    • Understanding of Agile software delivery principles and practices is a plus
    • Strong problem solving skills
    • Understanding of UI and UX
    • Understanding of back end frameworks (PHP, NodeJS, etc.)
    • Good Team player
    • Good analytical and problem solving skills


  • + + + for finding r/ProgrammerHumor, r/softwaregore funny
  • + + + for forks and follows on github
  • + + + for having stackoverflow bookmarked


  • Minimum of an Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science or similar field
  • Strong command over written and spoken English

To apply, mail resumes to:
Ensue LLC
600 E John Carpenter Fwy, Suite 351
Irving, TX 75062

Applications without a cover letter will not be considered.

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